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Top iPhone Apps for Losing Weight After the Holidays

Happy New Year everyone! Now that the imbibing is done, the holidays are past, and we're looking at the next decade, you might be looking at what you did to over-indulge this holiday season. Let the New Year's resolutions and weight loss promises begin!

To help you with your plans to lose the holiday pounds, I've looked through the weight loss applications available for the iPhone and come up with a list of what I think are the best. You should download these before your willpower on those resolutions disappears, by the way. I know mine runs out at about 12:01am.  All of these apps are free, so that should give a little extra incentive.

This one is a good start since it calculates your body fat percentage (BMI). The slot-machine style scroll wheels are kind of cool, though most of us will be disappointed by the results I think.

Lose It!
This is a great one that lets you not only track your caloric intake, but you can set goals, create a daily calorie budget, and use the app to keep those goals and budgets in check. There are generic recommendations built-in or you can build your own customized plan. I'm working out how to count pizza in this. I consider "pie" an essential nutrient, but it's not on the Lose It! list.

Calorie Tracker
This one might help me in my quest to find the price of the pizza pie. It comes from Lance Armstrong, so it's got celeb cred. It's a simple app that lets you look up common foods and restaurant fare and get the low down on its caloric content.& It has over 450,000 food and restaurant items in its list.

This confusingly-named app is all about nutrition. Losing weight is great, but not at the price of losing your health too. Right? This app tracks carbs, protein, and fat and gets its name from the proper balance of the three (40-30-30).  That's about all it does, though, so it's basically an ad-on to other weight loss and nutritional apps.  

iPump Free Workout
If you're more into working out, then this one is pretty good.  You can do one of two full-body workouts targeting major muscle groups with Exercise Physiologist Declan Condron, famous for the iPump series. You can also listen to music from your phone while you do so, using the demonstration videos to learn the workouts.

This one is a sophisticated pedometer that uses your phone's GPS to track your distance, time, and thus caloric burn. You can also use it to get voice feedback from a virtual coach and you can play your phone's stored music as you workout. You can even tweet your workouts!

There are some cool apps for losing weight now. If you're into the iPhone and not into your holiday weight gain, maybe these will help. Having recently been in New York, I can tell you what Florida has that makes these apps more appealing: good weather. So Take the dog for a walk and tweet the results from your iPhone!

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