Top Ten Films Shot in Fort Lauderdale

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10. Happy Gilmore (2006)

Back when Adam Sandler still made funny movies, Happy Gilmore is the zany comedy about a hockey player with a powerful drive who joins the PGA Tour so he can earn money to save his grandmother's house from the IRS. Happy Gilmore launched Sandler into the stratosphere, where he now makes terrible movies in which he makes grunty noises and plays his own ugly sister. But this one is a classic, with most of the golf-course scenes shot in Fort Lauderdale.

9. There's Something About Mary (1998)

The Farrelly Brothers' classic gross-out film made careers for Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz and gave the world memorable scenes like a dude getting his pecker stuck in a zipper and the Seven Minute Abs. There's also a cameo of Brett Favre playing himself and telling Stiller, "I'm in town to play the Dolphins, dumbass."

8. True Lies (1994)

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger followed up T2 with this high-concept comedy action about secret agent Harry Tasker, whose family thinks he's a dullard computer salesman, when in reality he's actually traveling the world to exotic places and killing terrorists. But when he discovers his bored wife is seeing another man, Tasker uses his talents to track the man down and give Mrs. Tasker a bit of a joly. It's a fun, funny film, with sequences shot in the Keys, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis strip-tease scene!

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