Top Ten Films Shot in Fort Lauderdale

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7. Any Given Sunday (1999)

Oliver Stone's film is a messy, all-over-the-place odyssey about life as a professional football player. Al Pacino plays the washed-up legendary coach of a fictitious team (the Miami Sharks!) who has to deal with a young, hotshot quarterback played by Jamie Foxx. The film features Stone's patented kinetic editing, exaggerated plot lines, and oversaturation of sounds. But overall, it's an enjoyable film, even if it is a tad self-indulgent. And who can forget that halftime speech by Pacino?

6. Out of Sight (1998)

Before Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney went on to make the Ocean's Eleven series, they honed their cool with this flick shot mostly in South Beach and parts of Fort Lauderdale. Based on a book by Elmore Leonard, Out of Sight is a vastly underrated, stylish crime dramedy starring a young Clooney fresh off of E.R. and just ready to break into superstardom. Clooney plays a career bank robber who breaks out of jail with the help of his pal, played by Ving Rhames. In the process of busting out, they're forced to kidnap U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco, played by Jennifer Lopez. Inevitably, Clooney's character falls for Cisco, and he's soon forced to have to choose between pulling off anther heist or getting caught by her. Aside from J-Lo's clunky performance, the film features great performances from Clooney, Rhames, Don Cheadle, and Michael Keaton.

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