Top Ten South Florida Sports Moments of 2014

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6. Chris Bosh Decides Loyalty Over Royalty, Re-Signs With the Heat When LeBron James announced he was heading back to Cleveland, things were bleak. Things got really dark, however, when rumors began to swirl that Chris Bosh would also be bolting Miami. As the Houston Rockets were putting on the full-court press to have him join them, Heat fans went into full meltdown mode. They began to imagine a dark and ugly future that not only didn't have LeBron in it but also didn't have Bosh. It was madness.

But then, all was well again when it was announced that Bosh had agreed to a five-year, $118 million contract with the Heat. Bosh, who has been such an integral part of the Heat's championship run, could have joined up with Houston to chase another ring. But he ultimately decided that Miami was his home and chose loyalty over royalty. Unlike some people, Bosh doesn't take the easy way out.

5. Giancarlo Stanton's 37 Home Runs All of the monster dongs. Holy and Shit.

4. Giancarlo Stanton Re-Signs With the Marlins Possibly the most surprising sports story of the year down here, the perpetually cheap Miami Marlins decided they have a bona fide future superstar on their hands in Stanton and decided to give him the richest contract in pro sports history.

The Marlins gave the 25-year-old Stanton a massive 13-year, $325 million contract to stay in Miami, shattering the previous record held by Alex Rodriguez, who signed with the Yankees in 2008 for $275 million. Marlins fans were fearful that Stanton would leave the team and take his talents elsewhere just as he's entering his prime. Instead, the Marlins locked him up and promised to build a winner around him. It's a massive contract, and it's probably a little reckless, but fans at least can breathe easier knowing that at least one superstar player is playing for their hometown for a long, long time.

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