Top Turkeys of 2014: Six Florida Personalities We Loved to Hate This Year

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LeBron James As a member of the Heat, LeBron James had to endure daily intense scrutiny and arbitrary criticisms from the national media every single time the team lost. It was a relentless and unfair onslaught. But Heat fans stuck by their man. They defended him against the haters at every turn. They bought his jersey, they bought his posters, they bought his shoes, and they fought back. The Heat franchise, meanwhile, helped LeBron silence his harshest critics by helping him move past the specter of "never going to be a champion" to being a two-time NBA Finals champ and all-time NBA legend. The community embraced him when the rest of the country vilified him for no real reason other than that he wore a Heat uniform and wanted to play with his friends. The team surrounded him with everything he needed to win that elusive title. And what does he do in return? He abandons the team and the fans at the last possible minute for Cleveland and doesn't even bother taking out a full-page ad in a newspaper thanking Heat fans. LeBron treated the Heat like a man who got tired of his wife and left her for another woman. In this case, the wife is supersexy and hot, and the other woman is the epitome of cold, miserable urban decay.

Pam Bondi Pam Bondi does not like the gays. She doesn't want them to gay-marry each other and infect our state with gay-married families because, what's next? People marrying their goldfish?? What if some guy wants to marry his cigarettes? We're just going to go ahead and let him do that, are we? Oh no nonononon not on Bondi's watch! Time and again, the lady Bondi has fought off efforts to have Florida's ban on same-sex marriage overturned by the courts. Even when judge after judge after judge has declared the ban unconstitutional and even after more and more polls have shown Floridians support same-sex marriage, Bondi stubbornly does all she can to suppress the LGBT community from wanting to do nothing more than to enjoy the miserable married life like the rest of us. Because Pam Bondi is all about family values, and marriage is a sacred institution. Also, she's been married and divorced twice and is on her third husband.

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