Tornado on Fort Lauderdale Beach Caught on Video
Photo by Ben Giventer via YouTube

Tornado on Fort Lauderdale Beach Caught on Video

There was some crazy weather Saturday in South Florida, and some of it was caught on video. 

On social media, multiple observers posted footage of a wild-looking storm moving over the water on Fort Lauderdale Beach, taken from various angles. According to Brian La Marre, the Tampa-based Meteorologist-in-Charge for the National Weather Service, it was a tornado that turned into a waterspout. 

According to Fort Lauderdale police spokesperson Tracy Figone, there were no road closures, no injuries, and no accidents related to the weather. "I have no information on any specific damage other than that of a few parked vehicles in the area," she said. 

Here are the videos. This one is from a user named "Beach Bum," via YouTube: 

This angle was posted by a user named "NoFlyDrone": 

This footage was posted by a user named Ben Giventer: 

Here's video by Gregory Hummel: 

The weather event left a bit of a mess: 

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