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Tornado Watch in Effect for Broward, Palm Beach and Pretty Much All of Florida

Apparently we're under a tornado watch.

And by we're, we mean THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' STATE.

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for roughly 20 or so counties in Florida, including Broward and Palm Beach.

Said watch is scheduled to be in effect until 7 tonight.

So be sure to tie down your cows until then.

Because if the cinematic masterpiece Twister taught us anything, it's you gotta tie down your cows.


Basically, a tornado watch comes out whenever conditions are favorable for tornadoes to sprout. Which basically means, at the moment, the Florida atmosphere has proper ingredients to make tornadoes. It doesn't necessarily mean there will be one. But there might.

The National Weather Service is urging folks to head for safety if bad weather comes their way, which one would think is common sense, but this is Florida, so you never know.

Hey, lookit, a tornado! Let's go punch it!

Either way, we're likely in for some nasty weather -- gusty winds, rain, and the like -- throughout the day. So even if a tornado doesn't come, the weather is still going to totally suck.

Specifically, South Florida is due for mostly cloudy skies with highs in the low 80s, lows in the upper 60s, and a 60 percent chance of rain. We could also see some wind gusts of up to 25 mph.

All this nasty weather will likely have the temps dip into the upper 50s on Friday evening, which is nice.

So, stay safe and dry out there. Also, we wouldn't bother with our hair too much today before going out.

Update, 1:30 p.m.:


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