Transgendered Woman Kicks Off Congressional Campaign Against Wasserman Shultz

Miami general contractor Donna Milo threw her hat into the ring this morning in the US 20th congressional district race against incumbent Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Milo's family, her website says, fled Cuba in the 1960s. She got married, raised a couple of kids. She runs her own small business and volunteers time to Domestic Violence causes. She flies small planes as a hobby. But it's this paragraph that might give conservative Republicans pause:

It is the firm belief in the principle honesty that allowed me to face my life's greatest challenge, to be true to myself, honest with my loved ones and to confront my true identity. After years of great pain and struggle, I finally came to terms with the decision to be who I am and to undergo gender re-assignment surgery.

That makes her a lot more honest than some of her closet-case colleagues. Milo decided to become a woman ten years ago, and she's something of a hottie in her female form. Should she beat Wasserman Schultz, which may not be easy, she'll join Lake Worth City Manager Susan Stanton as one of South Florida's transgender poster girls.

Milo appears to be about as complicated as you'd expect. Judging from her Facebook page, she's a fan of Sarah Palin, a log cabin Republican, and a supporter of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). She favors repealing the healthcare bill and like most Republicans, isn't fond of Obama. And those are some strange bedfellows, you betcha.

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