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Trapeze Swingers Club Needs Judge for What's Sure to Be Fairly Sexy Costume Contest

If you like the swingers lifestyle, if you've got an eye for costumes, and if you're kind of a big deal, then you might just be the person Trapeze is looking for.

The swanky Tamarac swingers' club is looking for a judge for its 12th-annual costume contest Friday night. The only requirement is that you have a name people would recognize. Oh, and you probably shouldn't dislike the idea of couples getting a bit crazy in the back room.

"The perfect person would definitely have to be an open-minded person, because they'd have to be open to some crazy costumes," says Marisa

Cutaia, the club's spokeswoman. "We've had a full gorilla in a gorilla cage. One person came as a one-night stand, and they had a costume that was a nightstand with a clock that was functioning. You rarely see store-bought costumes."

Yes, there's also a few racy costumes. "Of course, put sexy in front of anything and we get that. But there's a big prize to win, so they get pretty into it."

How big? Friday's contest comes with a $500 prize, and a second contest Saturday ups it to $1,500. Cutaia explains the big cash award this way: "This is kind of our Super Bowl."

If this sounds like a job for you, call the club at 561-241-9889, or leave your ideas in the comments field below.

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