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Trayvon Martin Beat Up on George Zimmerman; Suddenly Zimmerman Isn't Racist Anymore

On Monday, George Zimmerman's lawyers posted on Facebook that they'd received documents and digital records that included "witness statements, 911 calls, nonemergency calls, photos, video, medical records, and more." Mysteriously, that was the same day ABC News got hold of a medical report that says Zimmerman suffered a broken nose, two black eyes, cuts to the back of his head, and a back injury the night of Trayvon Martin's killing.

Tuesday, it came out that Martin's autopsy revealed he had wounds on his knuckles, and the "Zimmerman is innocent!" bandwagon got a big boost of steam.

Gateway Pundit concludes a blog post about the issue with "Al Sharpton was unavailable for comment," and the Right Scoop says the revelation "should burn on the conscience of 'Rev.' Al Sharpton and 'Rev.' Jesse Jackson. Yeah, I know it won't, but it should."

A post says "the logical conclusion is that Martin was beating up Zimmerman severely before Zimmerman shot him."

The Daily Caller's Jim Treacher criticized ABC News' Matt Gutman's reporting and wrote that "there must be some way to make it fit everybody's snap judgment. How about this: Before the cops got there, Zimmerman scraped the kid's knuckles against the sidewalk and then punched himself in the face and slammed the back of his head on the ground a few times. Get on that, Gutman...

If you think Trayvon Martin's bloody knuckles are more relevant than his bag of Skittles, #YouMightNotBeALiberal."

Oh, cool. It's only liberals who think maybe it's not OK to follow a kid around and then kill him. Good to know where my conservative friends stand on that one; I'll leave my hoodie at home next time we hang out, because if I stand up for myself suddenly I'm the asshole.

In any case, this stuff doesn't prove a damn thing.

The not-so-new revelations that Zimmerman and Martin fought before Zimmerman shot him in the chest don't change the most important fact -- Zimmerman called authorities, reported a suspicious "asshole," and then, against the instructions of the 911 operator, chased him around before somebody confronted somebody, and Martin ended up dead.

A question for all you guys saying that Martin was a delinquent pothead suspicious potential burglar person: If you were walking by yourself at night and realized a man was following you, a man who could be -- and in Martin's case was -- carrying a gun -- what would you do?

Martin wasn't lurking around waiting for a lame goatee to punch -- he was being followed.

All this proves is that Martin stood up to a stranger, a stranger with no legal power to enforce anything other than his own weird fantasies of catching an evil-doer. Martin was a big guy -- at least big enough to thoroughly womp Zimmerman. Whatever happened during that scuffle, it could have been avoided. Trayvon Martin would still be alive if Zimmerman had just minded his own business and let the police do their jobs.

And if you were in that position, you'd have tried to kick Zimmerman's ass too.

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