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Trayvon Martin's Mother to Appear Before Capitol to Demand Repeal of Stand Your Ground Law

Sabrina Fulton, the mother of slain 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is joining State Rep. Alan Williams for a news conference in Tallahassee this morning for a call of repeal the "Stand Your Ground" law.

The presser, scheduled to be held at 11:30 a.m., will be held in front of the Senate chambers. 

Martin was fatally shot last February by George Zimmerman, who said he shot him in self-defense. He was subsequently charged with murder. 

Zimmerman's trial is still pending.

Democratic state Sen. Dwight Bullard of Miami is also expected to speak.

The focus will be on new legislation introduced last week that would repeal certain provisions of Stand Your Ground.

Stand Your Ground, which passed in 2005, gives people legal immunity when they use deadly force if they reasonably believe their lives are in danger. Zimmerman, who was a crime-watch volunteer in Sanford, is currently seeking protection under the law.

Williams, who introduced the new legislation -- called HB 4009 -- says that he supports those who protect themselves or their property but that Stand Your Ground has been abused by those like Zimmerman.

Tallahassee Attorney Ben Crump, who represents the Martin family, is also expected to take part in the news conference.

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