Trevor Allen, Accused Child Abuser, Suspended

Earlier this month, we told you about a guy named Trevor Allen. Then, it was over a video in which Allen seemed to beat up a 12-year-old student, and that despite this evidence, no one had investigated Allen.

Well, now Broward County School District has suspended Allen. But this investigation is for a completely different "incident," said Tracy Clark, spokesperson for the school district. Though she didn't use the word "suspended." That's our translation.

What she said: "He's been reassigned to a new administrative location with no student contact." Clark said the incident occurred earlier this month, when the school's principal, Sabine Phillips, called school police to quell an issue involving Allen. Clark declined to specify what had happened but said it was severe enough that Allen is under investigation.

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But while there's little information on that incident, we do have more facts on Allen's earlier scuffle with a 12-year-old Crystal Lakes student named Raenesha Donald. Lawyer Peter Hanna, who was retained earlier this year by the girl's father, Robert Donald, called it a beatdown and alleged the school had tried to orchestrate a cover-up.

But emails sent between Phillips and history teacher Ramona Graham suggest something a bit more innocuous.

Graham's take on the incident: "Mr. Allen came over and approached the female student and was commanding her to walk with him... All of a sudden, I heard this sound, so I turned around to see my students coming back outside of the cafeteria... At this point, the young lady was on the ground, swinging her arms and resisting his commands."

Allen then asked Graham to call backup in restraining the girl, according to the email.

But does that explanation really fit the video?

Regardless of who ignited the problem, Hanna said, Allen took it too far. The girl, he said in a letter to the Crystal Lakes administration, "was left beaten and bloodied on the ground."

With such precedent, Hanna said, Allen's suspension over an additional problem doesn't come as much of a surprise. "This was not something that was some accidental pushing," he said. "We always thought it was more serious than what the school let on, and now this person seems to have some more problems, this Mr. Allen."

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