Tropical Storm Bertha Projected to Move Away From Florida

Oh hey, good news. We're not going to get hit by a hurricane. At least, not this weekend.

Forecasters had had their eye on TS Bertha all week, and where the storm initially formed was a bit of a cause of concern for us here in South Florida.

But, the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Bertha is projected to curve east of our coast come Monday, and will stay at least 400 miles offshore.

This means we're out of the woods, although Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and the Bahamas are going to get nailed with heavy rain and wind.

The good thing is Bertha remains a tropical system, and isn't expected to turn into a hurricane in the next five days.

We'll probably going to be getting hit with a lot of rain at the beginning of next week, but none of it will be Bertha-related. Just normal-every-day-summer-in-South-Florida-related.

As of the 2:00 o'clock advisory today, Bertha is bearing down on Martinique and the surrounding Lesser Antilles islands with sustained winds of 50 mph and bringing about six inches of rain as well.

Overall, the strongest punch Bertha is expected to give will be about 60 mph of winds once it hits the open warm waters near the Bahamas.

As for the storm itself, there's nothing unusual about Bertha's appearance. The second named storm of the season usually arrives in our parts on August 1 every season.

But, we can at least head into the weekend knowing she won't be a problem for us.

Although now we're going to have to keep an eye on a little darling that just emerged off Africa's coast named Iselle.

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