Tropical Storm Chantal Has South Florida in Her Cone

So, while you were sleeping, dreaming about the wonder and excitement that is going back to work on Monday, a tropical storm up and decided to pop up in Atlantic waters. And, from the looks of it, we're kind of in its path. Weeeeee!

Tropical Storm Chantal, the third named storm of the 2013 hurricane season, decided to go from depression to straight-up tropical storm and is currently heading toward the Lesser Antilles and has her sights on the Bahamas and Florida.

The southeastern part of the state has been placed in Chantal's cone of terror error.

For now, forecasters are saying it's too early to tell where exactly Chantal will hit or when.

They just needed to let us know she's out there!

Chantal is expected to bring what meteorologists are calling "moisture," which we assume is rain, starting on Wednesday and then again on Thursday.

Then, she's expected to be in our -- let's say wheelhouse -- sometime Saturday-ish.

Winds are expected to strengthen to 65 mph while in the Caribbean south of Puerto Rico but should weaken some when it hits the mountainous areas of Hispaniola.

After that, it will move over the Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola, and Cuba.

Thursday will be the big day, as Chantal is expected to dip northwest toward the Bahamas and then maybe us.

From there, it's anyone's guess. But either way, expect to be driving to work in craploads of rain by the end of the week. Fun!

We'll be sure to keep you updated on Chantal's shenanigans as the week goes on.

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