Tropical Storm Dorian Could Intensify to Hurricane Strength

In case you haven't heard, Tropical Storm Dorian is hanging out in the Atlantic heading in our general vicinity.

Some forecasts are saying she might intensify to hurricane strength sometime next week, though no one is really sure if South Florida will be impacted by the storm or not.


We kid, we kid.

Honestly, no one knows what Dorian will do, as you can tell from this model, which has it going pretty much everywhere on the planet:

The important thing to keep in mind is that Dorian is out there so that you can know when it's time to hit up the Home Depot at the very last minute.

For the moment, Tropical Storm Dorian is packing winds of 60 mph and is projected to arrive north of Hispaniola with near-hurricane status on Tuesday, when it hits the warmer waters.

From there, well, you can look at the model above and play a fun guessing game.

It has tropical-force winds extending 60 miles from its core.

The hurricane center is keeping an eye on a low-pressure area about 300 miles east of Bermuda, giving it a 20 percent chance of developing over the next two days.

We'll definitely know more early next week.

So make sure you spend this weekend buying supplies just in case.*

(*we totally know you're not going to spend your weekend doing that)

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