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Tropical Storm Isaac Getting Closer To South Florida (Updated)

Update [7:00 p.m.]: Broward County Transit and Paratransit will not operate Sunday.

Update [5:30 p.m.]: Broward County has two shelters open for those living in low-lying areas and mobile homes. (evacuations are NOT mandatory)

Update [2:50 p.m.]: Broward County schools will be closed on Monday

Update [1:30 p.m.]: Miami-Dade schools will be closed on Monday. Palm Beach County schools remain open

Isaac ain't going down without a fight.

The National Hurricane Center placed the Florida Keys, South Miami-Dade and a portion of the Gulf Coast under a hurricane warning, this morning.

Isaac is expected to have sustained 40 mph winds with gusts when it reaches Palm Beach County between Sunday and Monday. 

The hurricane center is reporting that Isaac crossed southwestern Haiti and was about 60 miles east of Cuba, with 60 mph winds.

This means Isaac will have time to get stronger as it crosses Cuba and into the warm Atlantic waters. The Atlantic Ocean is basically steroids for tropical storms wanting to turn into ripped hurricanes.

According to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport spokesman, Gregory Mayer, the airport has had a total of 10 cancelled flights in the last 24 hours, including three flights scheduled for Haiti. If you're planning to fly out anytime soon, you might want to call the airline directly. 

Meanwhile, Governor Rick Scott issued a statement regarding preparations on Isaac:

While Florida is facing another tropical storm, our State Emergency Response Team prepares for these types of weather events year round. The Executive Order is a normal step in these preparations, activating resources to assist local officials in response to an emergency. Florida's emergency response officials are accustom to protecting the 19 million residents and hundreds of thousands of visitors that are here every day. I am leading twice daily briefing with local, state, federal partners as well as those involved with the Republican National Convention. Preparation is a key to success and all visitors can be assured they are safe in Florida.

We'll be updating Isaac's progress here. So keep coming back for updates. Or you can keep watching the local television news stations that try to convince you that Isaac will eat your children.

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