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Tropical Storm Isaac Not Looking So Tough Anymore

Oh, hey, good news for those of you who didn't want a hurricane to come and screw up your week.

Tropical Storm Isaac's path has nudged towards the west, once again justifying our total lack of concern whenever the news people tell us a giant compacted storm with 100 mph winds is heading right for us.

Oh yea, Floridians! Highfive!

As of 11 a.m this morning, the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center says Palm Beach County is out of the error cone, as Issac's winds are at 60 mph and moving west north west at 14 mph.

So, for now, it seems like we're just going to get soaked come Sunday and Monday. In other words, a typical South Florida summer day.

So it would seem the Republican National Convention is going to go on schedule.

Meanwhile, Isaac is forecast to hit those deal-with-the-devil makers in southwest Haiti on Saturday and then the eastern part of those godless commies in Cuba on Sunday. Isaac is then expected to nip that homo-lovin' Key West early on Monday with sustained tropical storm winds of 50 mph.

After that, the NHC says Isaac is projected to head towards the Florida-Alabama state line as a hurricane and make landfall early Wednesday.


For now, they're saying be prepared just in case Isaac pulls a switch-a-roo and suddenly reverses itself and heads right for us.

But, that is looking more and more unlikely.

So we are all free to get back to not worrying about being without power for a few weeks, keeping us from visiting websites with cats doing silly things.

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