Tropical Storm Sandy May Make a Mess of Things

Hey, everybody! More rain on the way! Yoopeeee!!

The National Hurricane Center issued a tropical storm watch from Jupiter Inlet down South Florida's east coast to the Keys.

No need to grab those flashlights and board up the house, but it is going to get crazy wet.

Forecasters expect storm conditions to arrive by Thursday night and get worse into Friday night, because Sandy wants to totally ruin your weekend.

As of this morning, Tropical Storm Sandy was about 120 miles south of Kingston, Jamaica, as it moved toward the island nation.

The storm is expected to become hurricane by today and has already brought torrential rain to Jamaica.

Sandy is expected to weaken back into a tropical storm as it passes just east of Miami on Thursday.

Conditions are expected to deteriorate Thursday night and Friday, with mostly cloudy skies and winds from 26 to 29 mph with gusts at 38 mph north of Miami.

Translation: Wind and rain and lots of both.

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