Trump Tops Tea Party Polls, to Speak at Tax Day Rally

You can tell a political movement's serious when it invites Donald Trump to be the keynote speaker on tax day.

That's what the Tea Partiers have done. Trump will appear at "The South Florida Tax Day Tea Party" on April 16 at Sanborn Square in Boca. Read the news release here, wherein Everett Wilkinson, chair of the South Florida Tea Party, says:

In every poll the tea party [sic] had, Donald Trump came out number one. America is tired of giving speeches. We want to hear from people that have proven business experience. This should be an exciting day for America.

Ah, business experience. You can tell all those grueling hours at Beck University have been paying off for these Tea Partiers. Indeed, the Donald has business experience. He gained some of it from the business he inherited from papa. He gained yet more by redlining his own businesses in the '80s, leaving creditors holding the bag for hundreds of millions. In the aughts, he amassed vast experience wiggling out of European debt obligations, claiming that the economic crisis was an "act of God." Which is what we've been hearing from the Tea Party all along, right? That nobody could have known the crisis was coming and that the excesses of the boom years should be forgiven?

Maybe I've got that wrong. Maybe the Donald's invited to Tax Day because the Tea Party believes that billionaires should be forgiven their excesses but the rest of us should lose our homes.

No, that doesn't sound right either. Maybe it's that the Tea Partiers have no idea what the hell they're doing, and they've invited the Donald because he's famous and vaguely associated with money. Yeah. That's probably it.

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