Read to fly!
Read to fly!

TSA Weapons Are Hilarious to Play With, Especially in GIF Form

Loaded guns, nunchucks, and a weed grinder that looks like a grenade -- these are just a few of the items TSA screeners have uncovered passing through security checkpoints at airports in South Florida.

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Fortunately, the agency keeps a display case filled with its most notable discoveries and decided to let New Times come in and play with them. Here, the top ten items that most certainly shouldn't end up on a plane:

Sure, a toy bow and arrow doesn't seem like much of a threat. Until that bitch Pocahontas ends up on your flight.

A sword concealed in a cane seems like a pretty egregious security violation. As do my pit stains.

The real mystery is where the rest of the gun is.

Trying to have a serious conversation in an office full of TSA employees while holding a hammer and wearing a belt of fake bullets is far more challenging than you'd expect.

Attention, stabby passengers: If a Swiss Army knife isn't acceptable, why the fuck would one of these things be?

Swinging around this medieval-looking machine of brutality made everyone in the TSA office really uncomfortable. That glass door is lucky it didn't get it.

What do you mean I can't get on the plane?!?!?!

No, seriously TSA person, they're just starter pistols. I promise I won't scare the shit out of a plane full of passengers with them.

There were probably a hundred or more razor blades found on one guy. He's either really into chopping up blow or grows facial hair like no other.

Ninja stars and grenade-shaped weed grinders -- truly essentials for the modern traveler. And no, there was no kiefe in the grinder; we checked.


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