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Tucker Max Movie: The Only Comedy Comes From the Reviews

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell arrives in Boca Raton this weekend, the site of the original inspiration of the book that became the movie. What are the critics saying about the magnum opus of Tucker Max, our local frat boy made good?

Let's start with our own Village Voice Media critic, Vadim Rizov who calls the film, "visually incompetent to a painful extreme and almost never funny, but, worst of all, it doesn't have the courage of Max's unadulterated convictions."

The Hollywood Reporter raves that Beer in Hell, "achieves a certain cinematic distinction by outdoing 'Dumb and Dumber' in sheer grossness and detail with its depiction of the unfortunate effects of explosive diarrhea."

Impressive. More glowing reviews after the jump.

The Chicago Tribune says that Max's movie "just might be the most hypocritical feature in the history of film as well as the history of hypocrisy, and along with serving beer, I hope they show 'I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell' in hell.'

"Zero stars," adds the reviewer, Michael Phillips.

In the New York Daily News, the reviewer sounds like he was ordered to watch the movie -- and write his review -- at gunpoint:

This desperate effort by ­professional frat boy Tucker Max may be the most dismal movie of the decade. But Max has made his name on outrage, so we should probably treat him like we would any tantrum-throwing child: by ignoring him.
But fortunately, film reviewers aren't allowed to ignore films, so give us your review, damn it!
To understate, the script is bitter and witless, the performances career-killing, the direction inept. You could get angry that a guy like this even got a chance. Or you could just forget about him, and move on to something worthwhile.

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