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Tuesday Morning Bytes

It just keeps happening to Gov Rick Scott. 

He makes a decision from his evil alien gut -- you know, like slashing funding for the developmentally disabled -- and then when masses of bona fide Earth-born human beings rise up to oppose it, he reverses course. 

​(Rick Scott is human you claim? Have you seen his birth certificate with your own eyes? I didn't think so.) 

The governor is clearly failing and even his fellow Republicans in the Tallahassee are starting to throw up their hands. Or maybe they're just getting seasick from the governor's back-and-forth moves. This from today's Palm Beach Post

In recent weeks, Scott sent shockwaves across the state by ordering an immediate cut in funding for the developmentally disabled, only to reverse himself last week. He vowed not to sue to recoup tax money lost to the BP oil spill, only to ease back on that pledge days later. And he sought to repeal a prescription drug database from the beginning of the legislative session until one of his department heads OK'd a contract lest than two weeks ago; then last week he testified before Congress in support of the state's effort without mentioning his previous opposition.

The big issue now: Scott, even as the state is near a financial crisis, is demanding $1.7 billion in tax cuts. This will of course force more steep cuts in education and other areas while it benefits the wealthy in the state. This, he should know, irritates the human beings. Even the rabid GOP Legislature can't seem to stomach that idea and the tax cuts in their budget plans don't come close to Scott's number.  

-- Sure I jump on the Republicans but I've jumped harder on local Democrats. Inside see what a Republican blogger wrote about my targeting skills yesterday. 

Long-time GOP operative Jack Furnari, a former Sun-Sentinel blogger, recently left the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee to help start the BizPac Review, a conservative website. Here's a bit of what he wrote yesterday after reading my blog post about the ridiculous Kings Point Democratic Club: 

Norman is from the 'speak truth to power' school of journalism, and he takes no prisoners. Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, if Norman thinks you're out of line, he will light you up as fast as an Apache attack helicopter lights up an al-Qaida team placing an IED in Afghanistan.

I know. I blaspheme. But I read Norman's blog every day, and I have for years. While I do wince when he goes after a conservative, I do appreciate that he goes after the left with equal enthusiasm.

What a pity that South Florida has so few journalists who follow Norman's example.

​Glad you noticed Jack (and I hope you didn't hurt yourself wincing at that opening blurb on Scott). 

​--  Buddy Nevins reports that Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter is about to undergo a hysterectomy operation and will miss some county meetings. The Pulp wishes her a successful hospital stay and swift recovery. 

-- And another blog, Florida Clarion, posits the Tea Party's ultimate fantasy: A Trump-West presidential ticket! Don't laugh too hard -- West hasn't ruled it out, according to the Daily Caller

"Who knows what's going to happen," West reportedly said. "If the people think that I have an ability to continue my service of my country in a different capacity, first of all we gotta talk to God, we gotta talk to my family, we gotta talk to the constituents."

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