Tupac Shakur and Other Rich Felons Who Bonded Out While Appealing Convictions (UPDATED)

UPDATE 5/18: Goodman was released from jail this morning and is now home in Wellington.

5/17: When polo mogul John Goodman goes home to Wellington to serve house arrest while appealing his conviction for DUI manslaughter, he will join a prestigious group of felons who had a similar luxury. As we noted yesterday, Boynton Beach femme fatale Dalia Dippolito is currently out on a $500,000 bond while appealing her conviction for solicitation to commit murder. But she's not alone:

Tom DeLay, longtime Republican congressman from Texas and former House Majority Leader, is currently out on bail while appealing his conviction for conspiracy and money laundering charges related to corporate campaign donations.

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Former media mogul Conrad Black was temporarily released from prison while he

pursued an appeal that ultimately reduced his prison sentence for defrauding investors. Black has now completed his three-year prison term and is living in Canada.

Even the immortal rapper Tupac Shakur knew how to work the justice system. According to Jet magazine, a New York judge released Shakur on a $1.4 million bond in 1995 while the rapper appealed a conviction for allegedly raping sexually abusing a woman in a hotel room. Shakur served several months in prison before the the bond was posted by his recording label, Death Row Records.

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