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Turn In Your Gun For a Walmart Gift Certificate This Saturday

Ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I really wish I could get rid of this gun," while at the same time thought, "Boy, I really wish I had a hundred dollars so I can buy stuff at Walmart"?

Well Saturday is your lucky day, sir.

Sheriff Scott Israel and the Broward Sheriff's Office are holding a gun buyback program this Saturday for anyone interested in turning in their Luger for a hundred dollar gift certificate to Walmart.

The BSO gun buyback will be going down on Saturday at the E. Pat Larkins Community Center in Pompano.

The idea is simple: Bring your unwanted firearm to the community center, and you get a hundred Walmart bucks, no questions asked.

According to the BSO, burglars have stolen about 30 firearms through break-ins in Broward in the last three months. So, in an effort to keep more guns from falling into the wrong hands, Israel and the City of Pompano have put together the gun buyback for Walmart gift certificates.

"We've also tweaked our street-level enforcement to go after the criminals who are committing the crimes in our communities, but it takes more than law enforcement," Sheriff Israel said. "We need to educate our residents about gun safety and how to take an active role in reducing the crime on our streets."

In addition to buybacks, the BSO has a Gun Stoppers program where a person can call the department anonymously about a gun burglary and then receive $1,000 real dollars if the tip leads to an arrest.

The gun buyback program will be from 9 a.m. to noon this Saturday the E. Pat Larkins Community Center (520 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd., Pompano Beach).

For more info, you can call 954-831-8902

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