Tweet Tweet: Sun-Sentinel Getting Social

New memo from the Sun-Sentinel. Ladies and gentleman, newspaper's management lexicon gets a fairly new title: "Social Media Coordinator." It's all about Twitter and Facebook and what not. And the SMC for the newspaper is Chris Tiedje. Here's the memo:  


Several weeks ago, Seth Liss and Chris Tiedje were charged with developing and executing a social media strategy the Sun Sentinel and the Sun 

In the weeks since, the two have made great strides in giving the newspaper and Web site a greater presence on Twitter and Facebook. They have developed plans for a robust Dolphins fan community and reached out to local bloggers and Twitter users. Seth, in particular, has trained dozens of staff members in how to become members of the Twitter community, significantly increasing the number of followers and Twitter updates.

Beginning today, Seth and Chris will move into new positions as we move forward with the integration and reorganization of the digital newsroom.

Chris will become the Social Media Coordinator.

He will work with the community managers to develop a unified social media strategy and to ensure editorial staff is trained on how to use social media tools. He will work with Tribune Interactive to develop new tools and implement corporate social media strategies and best practices. And he will maintain the social media presence and content on the home page of

Chris joined the Sun Sentinel in 2004 and has served as a creative sales supervisor in advertising and more recently promotion manager in the brand and promotion department. He has a degree in graphics design from Montana State University.

Seth will become the Community Manager for Local News - the first of several community managers to be named in the newsroom.

He will write the book and set high standards for what it means to be a Community Manager at the Sun Sentinel. Seth will develop new blogs and help existing blogs develop more voice and a wider audience. He'll work with local news bloggers to promote their content help develop niche communities. He'll look for opportunities to interact with the audience on hot topics and key issues.

Seth joined the last year after serving as assistant online director at the Palm Beach Post. He also worked as a senior producer at the San Jose Mercury News. He has a mass communications degree from the University of South Florida. And worked as a reporter at the Tampa Tribune.

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