Two Brothers Disrupt Movie, One of Them Gets Tasered

Two brothers were arrested after they disrupted a movie and then tried to fight a cop at the Cinemark multiplex movie theater on Airport Road Sunday night.

(The Sun-Sentinel reports that the movie was Expendables 2, which would be so perfect)

According to the police report, Jonathan Zapata, 24, and his brother Jose Zapata, 26, were being crazy annoying during the movie -- talking loudly, taking flash photographs and generally being those people that make you not want to go to the movies.

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When someone from the staff came by to tell the brothers to pipe down, one of them reportedly answered, "Fuck off!"


When officer Juan Carlos Pijuan tried to give the Zapatas the heave-ho, Jonathan Zapata called the officer a "cracker motherfucking pig."

He then reportedly stood in a fighting stance. Because the best way to get a cop off your ass is to threaten him with violence. Show em who's boss!

"Jonathan Zapata took a bladed stance, clenched his fists and held them at his waist and said he would 'fuck me up,' " Pijuan wrote in the report.

The report did not say if Zapata did the Jean-Claude Van Damme leg-split between two aisles seats. 

When Zapata didn't back down from his "COME AT ME BRO!" stance, officer Pijuan pulled an Indiana Jones and shot him with a Taser, bringing the brothers' rollicking evening and movie theater shenanigans to an abrupt end.

Jonathan Zapata was charged with one count of trespass after warning, assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of resisting an officer without violence (DON'T TASE ME, BRO!)

Jose Zapata was charged with one count of trespass after warning and one count of resisting arrest without violence.

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