Two Former Deerfield Beach Commissioners, Former Mayor Scheduled For Court This Month

Three former Deerfield Beach politicians -- Commissioners Steve Gonot and Sylvia Poitier, as well as Mayor Al Capellini -- will all be spending time in Broward courthouses this month.

Gonot was convicted last month of submitting a false campaign report, a felony that carries a penalty of up to five years in the joint.

The jury found that Gonot stole $5,100 of his campaign money in 2007 for himself, and he is scheduled for a June 13 sentencing, according to an email from a state probation officer and the Deerfield Beach Commission sent yesterday.

The Broward County Clerk's office, however, has the sentencing scheduled for June 20, as motions for a new trial filed on Gonot's behalf are expected to be heard next Tuesday.

Capellini is showing up on June 20 as well -- according to good ol' Chaz Stevens -- this time for a status update.

He'll face a felony charge of unlawful compensation, a criminal corruption charge related to his allegedly taking $16,000 from a developer for plat approvals.

Capellini's trial is currently slated to get under way September 19.

Then there's Poitier, who's due on June 9 for a calendar call on her five misdemeanor charges of falsifying records.

Poitier allegedly arranged a deal for a high-interest loan between a city organization and her brother, then attempting to conceal it from the public.

Nothing further has been scheduled in Poitier's case, but Stevens' source at City Hall says we can expect her trial to begin between June 13 and 24.

Stay tuned to the Pulp as these events unfold.

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