Two Men Arrested After They Drive-By Shoot a Deer

Charles Martin Jones and Michael Edward McCord were driving down State Road 52 near Darby in Pasco County when they saw a young deer on the side of the road and decided, what the hell, let's shoot us a baby deer.

Because, Florida!

According to a Pasco Sheriff's report, the two men pulled their Ford Explorer over (because, of course that's what they were driving) to the side of the road at 10:40 p.m.

They then aimed a rifle through the passenger side window, and shot the animal, leaving its bloody carcass on the road.

Lookit, Charlie. A deer! I ain't never seen me one of them in real lahfe. LET'S BLOW IT'S BRAINS OUT YERP DERRP!

Jones, 54, and McCord, 51, who actually did the shooting, then drove several miles west where they apparently realized they did a bad thing, and flung the rifle out the window at the Ehren Cutoff on SR 52.

Quick thinking, fellas. Police will never find a hunting rifle laying on top of some grass!

A Pasco Sheriff's deputy eventually caught up to the two and promptly arrested them. The shooting was probably called in by a witness, though the report does not mention one.

Jones was arrested and charged with taking wildlife on a road. He was released from the Land O'Lakes jail on his own recognizance.

McCord was charged with willful waste of wildlife, taking wildlife on a road and discharging a firearm in public. He was released from jail on $2,500 bail.

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