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Two Separate Suspicious Powders Found In Palm Beach International Airport

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue officials were called to Palm Beach International Airport on Sunday after two separate suspicious white powder incidents.

The first powder was discovered on a baggage carousel after some luggage was opened and the mysterious stuff spilled out. The other was found on a plane inside a tissue box on a plane.

Haz mat crews were called in, but they determined that the powders were harmless, with at least one of them being a "common household cleaning material." But not before roping off the baggage claim area and no doubt scaring the crap out of people coming in and out of the airport.

This is not the first time the PBIA deals with a white powder scare.

In November of 2011, forty Southwest Airline passengers were told to evacuate a plane bound to Baltimore shortly before takeoff after a suspicious white powder was found onboard. No one was treated for exposure and the powder was sent to an FBI lab

A month later, fire rescue officials were called after white powder was found in a Delta Airlines baggage claim area. The haz mat crew showed up and deemed that the powder was harmless.

In January of this year, Palm Beach Fire Rescue officials were once again called when a white powder was discovered in the baggage claim. And, once again, they deemed it harmless.

And then the PBIA was mysterious white powder incident free. Haha, just kidding. In May Fire Rescue was called after yet another suspicious white powder discovery in the baggage claim. It was determined the substance was not dangerous.

Suspicious white powder might be something a lot of people take seriously. But at this point, it's pretty clear that we can't freak out over every spilled bottle of Goldbond that arrives through baggage claims. But, living in The Age of Fear, we're just going to have to keep calling the Fire Rescue people, and they're just going to have to keep throwing on their Walter White gear so they can tell us grandma's spilled Hazel Nut Coffee Mate is harmless.

It's just unfortunate it keeps happening in Palm Beach International.

We're not marketing reps or anything, but it would seem competing airports can milk this for all its worth. Miami International Airport: The Only White Powder You'll Find Here Is From All The DEA Drug Busts! Something like that.

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