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Two Stabbings at Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan; Nazi Sympathizer's Supporters May Be Involved

That's last night's CBS 12 report, which tells of two people stabbed at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan, where it's believed neo-Nazi author David Irving was giving a speech.

Juice was the first to report that Irving was scheduled to appear in the area, though prospective demonstrators had yet to learn his precise location. That post quoted a protester named Nick, who declined to give his last name and who sent an email to us last night, about an hour before the stabbings occurred.

In that note, Nick told of learning at 6 yesterday evening that the Irving talk scheduled for 7 was to occur at the Hilton hotel near the Palm Beach airport. "We called the hotel and were told 'It's not at this hotel and it's been canceled,'" said Nick. "That explanation was not exactly clear, so we drove over to the hotel."

He continued:

 I was waiting in line at the front desk when a man in front of me asked about the Irving event. He was told the event had been canceled. The woman at the front desk seemed to know exactly what the man was talking about. The man joined a small group of disappointed Irving supporters milling around the lobby.
This morning, I phoned the Hilton but a manager wasn't available and the hotel staffer who answered didn't know whether an Irving speech had been scheduled, then canceled. From his email, it's apparent that Nick and his group assumed at the time that Irving was not going to appear Monday evening as planned. He ended his note saying,
All in all, a good result. David Irving got the message that he isn't welcome in West Palm Beach.
I haven't heard back from Nick this morning. There's no answer at the Manalapan Police Department, either. I'll update when more information is available.

Nick just responded to an email. His group was not at the Ritz Carlton last night and he knew nothing about the stabbings.

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