Two Teens Seriously Injured After Slamming Into Building When Their Parasail Detaches

Two teenaged girls were rushed to the hospital after their parasail detached and sent them slamming into a nearby condominium.

According to reports, the parasail the two girls were riding on detached from the boat that had been pulling them on Monday afternoon.

The girls spun and crashed into a 13th-floor balcony before landing hard in the parking lot of the Commodore Condominium on Thomas Drive just West of St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which is investigating the accident, has spoken to several witnesses who watched helplessly as winds caught the parasail and spun the girls out of control.

According to witnesses, the parasail seemed to snap after some stormy winds blew into the beach.

At least one witness says the girls hit the side of the condo, then grabbed the rail of the balcony. The wind then lifted them up again and carried them over the top of the condo.

The girls were also apparently caught in power lines before landing hard into the parking lot.

At least one vehicle's roof and windshield was damaged from the impact.

The condition of the girls is unknown at this time.

A witness on the beach was able to capture the incident on video with his phone:

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