Two-Thirds of Florida Republican Voters Have Doubts About Obama's Citizenship

This poll by Daily Kos came out a few weeks ago, but there's a statistic buried near the bottom that deserves more attention: Roughly one-third of registered Republicans likely to vote in Florida's August primary believe that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States -- and another third simply aren't sure.

So the vast majority -- 67 percent -- of the Floridians who will perform a sacred civic duty in August have failed to educate themselves about the American president. What an appalling display of ignorance.

This crackpot theory was totally discredited years ago. Its persistence represents a profound failure of the Republican Party leadership, which has an obligation to keep its party members from trafficking in such fraud. It's also a failure of responsibility on behalf of the conservative media. Any website operator, newspaper editor, radio host, or television personality who takes the theory seriously is either manipulating its audience or in dire need of psychiatric treatment.

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