Two Turkeys Spotted on U.S. 1 Making Their Great Escape on Thanksgiving Day

Millions of turkeys were consumed yesterday on The Thanksgiving Day.

But two turkeys in the Keys were determined that they would not be among their fellow gobblers that get laid out, glazed up, baked and have their carcasses stuffed with brown starchy edibles and gawked at by drooling hairless hominids.

Two fully grown turkeys were spotted running for their lives in the southbound lanes of U.S. 1 near Key Largo School on Thanksgiving Day.

They were either heading to Cuba, or maybe to hide out with the locals at Captain Tony's Saloon in Key West.

Local authorities figured the two had escaped from a farm. But, according to manager of the Key Largo Animal Shelter, Marsha Garrettson, livestock are illegal in Monroe County.

Which means these two were probably on the lamb from even farther away.

Mike Coleman of Animal Control, and a volunteer, rounded up the two escaped turkeys, and put them into protective custody.

But, no worries.

Neither bird met their fate in someone's oven or deep fryer. In fact, the Animal Control people most likely saved the pair from either becoming road kill, or being someone's fresh turkey dinner catch.

Instead of ending up in the frozen section of your local supermarket, these two were delivered to a petting zoo right here in Broward County.

So, instead of being eaten like the millions of others of their kind, they'll be chased around by toddlers all the live long day.

We're not sure which is worse. But, that's for the two turkeys to decide.

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