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Tyler Colvin Is Not a Vampire (And Other Things We Learned This Weekend in Sports)

What would it take for a Florida Marlins game to overshadow a Dolphins victory on a Sunday in September? An act of God? No, just a freak accident in which a shattered bat impales itself in the chest of a Chicago Cubs outfielder

Tyler Colvin is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. Still, it's in poor taste to make the following joke: Since the stabbing occurred on the field during the middle of a Marlins game, there were no witnesses.

The Dolphins have a team. Well, at least half a team. The defense looked sensational yesterday, forcing Vikings quarterback Brett Favre into four turnovers including a fumble the Fins recovered in the end zone for a touchdown.

But a team can't rely on defensive touchdowns for a whole season. Nor can a team have its defense cause turnovers only to have its offense create turnovers of their own. When Chad Henne proves he can move the offense, this Dolphins team has a choice to join the league's elite.

Fans of the other Miami football team are still in mourning after the Hurricanes lost to the Ohio State Buckeyes September 11. Jacory Harris, who threw four interceptions in that Ohio State game, heard from a fan who said that UM shouldn't play a black quarterback. The moral of the story: Athletes in the major sports who want to brave the Twitter world are going to encounter racism and other expressions of ignorance. Social media is for bad athletes.

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