UberPOOL Has Finally Arrived in South Florida

Uber just made catching a ride cheaper, more eco-friendly, and probably more interesting. Tuesday, the ride-sharing company introduced uberPOOL, which connects riders traveling along your same route, letting them squeeze into the same car to share a trip and the cost. The service, which launched in Miami-Dade's urban core last November, will be available for request in the entire South Florida service area, from Palm City to Homestead.

Ahhh... but with every deal comes a few catches, of course.

Are you willing to deal with the minor inconveniences of riding with complete strangers? Yes, well then congratulations, you've answered the first uberPOOL compatibility question correctly. If you're the kind of person who isn't afraid to make small talk while in line at the post office, uberPOOL might just be for you.

Not in a rush? Cool, because the main reason you're saving money with uberPOOL is that you need to be flexible with your pickup and arrival times. Still with me? Great.

Uber calculates that uberPOOL is up to 50 percent cheaper than uberX, depending on surge pricing, tools, location, and certain fees. It's undoubtedly the best bang for your buck if you're on a budget. But you need to be prepared to, um, follow a few rules.

Uber has actually drawn up a South Florida uberPOOL Etiquette Guide, in which the private company condescendingly Ubersplains to customers that they should be punctual, not smell bad, and pop a mint during the ride. Uber offers the following list of DO NOTS so you can avoid pissing off your co-rider, thus avoiding the most awkward ride of your entire life. We have condensed and interpreted their suggestions a little bit here:

  • Don't be late. (That's messed up. You haven't even met these people and they already hate you.)
  • Don't talk on the phone too much. (Nobody wants to hear about how hot Jake is.)
  • Don't bring up Donald Trump or any other political crap. (But mostly Donald Trump. No Trump.)
  • Don't uberPool after the gym. (You smell, seriously. Can you not?)
  • Don't eat a smelly-ass snack. (Nobody wants to smell your tuna and onions sammie.)
  • Don't forget to chew a mint before the ride. (I guess Uber assumes your breath stank.)
  • Don't be all up in your ride-sharer's personal space. (Don't get Maced.)
  • Don't roll down the windows. (Enjoy the environment on your own time.)
  • Don't be pissed off because you're late. (You're saving money because you're late.)
  • Don't pester your co-rider about... stuff! (Nobody wants to explain to you her life story.)

So yeah, those are things to avoid during your uberPOOL, per Uber. Now that we have covered all the pros and cons, let's take a look-see at what to expect from riders in cities where the service has already launched:

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.