Udonis Haslem's Broward Home Burglarized

People won't stop breaking into the homes of Miami Heat players to steal stuff. Udonis Haslem's Southwest Ranches home was broken into by would-be burglars, the Broward Sheriff's Office says.

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This just days after someone broke into Chris Bosh' house and ganked $340,000 worth of jewels and watches.

According to the police report, cops responded to a house alarm that was set off in Haslem's home on the night of April 13.

When Haslem returned to the house, he told police no one was supposed to be home. Police searched the home and found evidence of the burglars breaking into UD's house through the garage side door by prying the lock.

They found an open suitcase strewn on the floor with clothes and items scattered around. Haslem told police the suitcase was not like that when he left his home.

Police also found table drawers were pulled out and ransacked in the master bedroom. His fiancée's closet was also ransacked, and her shoes and purses were found inside garbage bags next to the bed.

The burglars also tried and failed to pry open a safe inside Haslem's closet.

BSO believes that the burglars had a lookout waiting while others rummaged through the property inside. But, they say, the criminals fled through the French doors when they spotted police coming toward the home, about 20 minutes after the alarm was set off.

Police dispatched a helicopter to search the neighborhood, but no suspects were found.

Apparently the burglars didn't end up with anything, as the police's quick response time probably scared them off before they could take any items.

The police report claims the cops' quick response to the alarm was what spooked the thieves. And that may be so. BSO did get there quick.

But our guess is that the burglars probably spotted a family portrait of UD and realized whose home they were in and ran off scared, with dookie-filled pants.

That theory makes a lot more sense, when you think about it.

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