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Ugh! Newspaper Prints Idiotic Headline

Worst Headline of the Day goes to the Miami Herald for its topper on a story about an enterprising Hollywood fellow named Darin Satter who set up a pirate radio station at his trailer that overlaid rap music on KISS County-FM:

"Argh! Pirate radio station cut into country airtime."

I really don't have anything else to say about that. After the jump: Homeless Beating, Swamp Buggy Horror, Sentinel Poll.

So there's another homeless beating (or stabbing, in this case). And, just like last time, the young punks who committed the crime are caught on videotape, this time at a 7-11. This time, though, the suspects are black, rather than white (like the infamous Broward kids who killed Norris Gaynor) or hispanic, showing that violence on the homeless knows no racial preference. This case also isn't in the same class of crime. Obviously, there was no murder and it just wasn't as brutal. But Jennifer Mooney Piedra reports in the Herald that these kids also appear -- like the Gaynor killers and unlike the recent Miami case -- to have been out with the sole purpose of inflicting violence on the street.

-- I don't have a lot to say about this Palm Beach Post story other than it's damn interesting. By Rochelle E.B. Gilken, it's about a teenager who was killed during an after-prom swamp buggy crash. The news peg is that the driver of the buggy was, after more than a year, just charged with manslaughter.

-- I found the Sun-Sentinel poll -- occasionally ridiculously insipid, occasionally really intriguing, usually somewhere in between -- quite interesting today. It had to do with gambling habits. My own fall in the fourth category, in that I regularly gamble small amounts of money. I was frankly surprised by the miniscule amount of gambling the people that land on the Sentinel site profess to.

South Florida is awash in gambling -- Indian casinos, poker, bingo, cruises to nowhere, racing, the lottery and, soon, slot machines. What are your gambling habits?

49.8% I don't gamble. It's a waste of money. (3822 responses)

40.6% I occasionally gamble small amounts of money. (3120 responses)

1.7% I occasionally gamble large amounts of money. (129 responses)

5.6% I regularly gamble small amounts of money. (432 responses)

2.3% I regularly gamble large amounts of money. (175 responses)

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