UM Hurricane Watch: Men's Basketball Edges Up Again in AP Poll

The Miami Hurricanes are now the second-best college hoops program in the country. Better than Duke, UNC, Florida, Louisville, and all the other usual suspects, according to a hot-off-the-press AP poll. 

Does that sound weird to you? All season, Jim Larranaga's senior-hearty squad has been defying expectations, particularly on the home front, where the UM fan base seems more comfortable talking football prospects than discussing the prowess of the basketball team. But that seems to be changing quickly.

Today's new ranking follows a big win yesterday for the Hurricanes on the road at Clemson.

Pulling away after a big three by stretch four Kenny Kadji, the Hurricanes finished off the game 45-43. 

Last week's poll put the Hurricanes at the three spot. In that poll, the team grabbed 17 votes for number one. This time around, 20 votes went to the Hurricanes for the top position.

If you've been paying attention, the team's run has been pretty spectacular -- going from unranked and ignored to number two in less than six weeks. If you haven't been paying attention, you should start.

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