Underaged Murder Suspect Shot Lantana Teen Over a Bike, Police Say

​Sixteen-year-old Michael Robertson was in the 3600 block of Kewanee Drive in Lantana, police say, when the boy who killed him walked up. The boy accused Robertson of stealing his bike; the two argued. Robertson made fun of the boy. He told Robertson he was going home to get a .38 revolver and come back -- he took his bike back, rode less than 400 yards to his home, and got the gun.

Minutes later, the boy was back in his house, wiping his fingerprints off the gun while Robertson ran to his grandmother's backdoor, dying of a gunshot wound to

the chest, according to WPBF 25.

Police say when the unnamed suspect confronted Robertson, "Robertson continued to belittle XXXX and stated that he was not afraid of his gun." A news release also said the suspect confessed to everything.

WPBF has more from Robertson's neighborhood, including a rather shameless on-camera interview with Robertson's grandmother in which she says "I want to kill him, I want to kill him, I want to kill him, I want to kill him like he killed my grandson."

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