Into the boiling cauldron that is politics in Hollywood we throw two new ingredients. One is sure to raise the level of bitterness, and the other should add a touch of much-needed sweetness.

Betrayal. This comes in the form of a new attack on Mara Giulianti's campaign for mayor (nothing new), but this time it comes from the inside. The person contemplating treason is a friend, a former loyal supporter, who is now looking to turn on Mara in a big way. The former supporter is poised to run against Mara in her campaign for mayor. Ouch.

Realtor Patty Asseff sits on the Planning and Zoning Board as its co-chairperson. She got there partly because of her friendship and association with the mayor. Now Hollywood politicos say she is being encouraged to campaign against her friend by development and business interests.

It seems that the intense rancor between factions that has led to shouted insults and other childish behavior at commission meetings has provided Asseff with entrée into the race. One has only to go to a meeting to see that whatever relationship there was among John Coleman, Mara, and the others has degenerated into an embarrassment to Hollywood. Not good for the image. Bad for business.

The movers and shakers who are trying to get this city going are fed up with the political high jinks and see Asseff as a calming influence in the roiling sea of hate. They also see her as pro-development. Asseff is sure to get support from the pro-business political action committee called Friends of Progress: She is its secretary.

One observer believes she will steal more votes from Giulianti's side than Coleman. Mara is already talking to business types to develop a strategy that will force her former supporter to back off.

Humor. When children see older people continually fighting and creating a hostile environment, it can produce long-term psychological damage. Bickering parents can cause a family to become maladjusted, and soon deeper problems surface. Communication breaks down. A dysfunctional family should seek help.

The daily papers recently reported that children visiting Hollywood City Hall were upset after viewing the so-called adults on the city commission yelling at and insulting each other; to youngsters the whole scene must have appeared chaotic. Probably reminded the kids of a Simpsons episode.

In order to cure the dysfunction that is obviously affecting the Hollywood City Commission, two young men are suggesting that Coleman and Giulianti seek professional therapy -- and they're willing to help pay for the sessions.

Zack and Josh are concerned young men who are starting a fundraising campaign that should be bolstered by an announcement on the grassroots Website wakeuphollywood.com. The site's motto: Believe in people more than politicians. It has a place for petitions from independent groups trying to affect how the city is run.

Zack and Josh are hoping the counseling will help communication, the two sides can learn to play well together, and so democracy will flourish. Ah, youth.

We're told that all donations will go to pay for psychologists' fees. We suggest intense, long-term care. One mental health professional has supposedly stepped forward and offered to help, so we will too. We have already determined the root of the dysfunction and could save everyone some time and money.

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Tom Walsh
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