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The Herald street hawker was standing in the road selling papers along with the Sun-Sentinel salesperson and another Herald seller. Hey, wait a darn minute here. Why are there two street geeks selling the same rag on the same corner?

Well, that's because there are now two Heralds from which to choose on the street. One is that big daily based in Miami that used to be a good newspaper, the other is The Homeless Herald. Our informants say the people selling the homeless paper in Hollywood last week were wearing green T-shirts with the word Herald on the front, and the word looked suspiciously just like the Herald logo seen on the daily newspaper's masthead. But certainly the Knight-Ridder suits can't be that desperate for a new market.

It turns out that the new Herald is the brainchild of homeless advocate Sean Cononie, director of a shelter and leader of the orange-hatted panhandling brigades that man medians around Broward County. His paper has been out for four issues, and it's one of those do-it-yourself papers that the homeless use to get more money. It costs a buck and includes a few local stories about homeless issues. We love it because its name is really pissing off the Herald folks, so much so that Cononie got a cease-and-desist letter from the big boys telling him to quit using their name.

Cononie contends the word herald came from the Bible, and no matter how much their stock has increased, the Knight-Ridder people can't claim they own that too. And besides, Cononie likes the sound of the double H's. But he's willing to admit that he may have to come up with another name and is looking for suggestions. Maybe, It Was the Worst of Times or possibly Street Beat. Or in the vein of pissing off the right people, how about Street-Sentinel?

When we asked how the enterprise was going, Cononie had the nerve to say he was surprised that it really doesn't take a lot of education or brains to put out a newspaper.

Just when we thought we had heard about all of the zany and crazy millennium events in the universe, a zanier and crazier one emerged -- out of Hollywood, of course, and in cyberspace. This one is an artist who creates a cyber show "ritual" of cutting off his beard and sculpting a self portrait with the hair. Is this going to be a great century or what?

We're always afraid of people who call themselves conceptual performance artists, and now we have proof for our paranoia. G.L. Sullivan says he's been suffering from "Brian Wilson's disease" and has kept his genius locked up in his bedroom for the past few years, but now he's breaking out. For three decades the performance artist has used his beards to make a statement about years past. You know, facial hair as art object. Now he's taking it cyber.

He's obviously doing it to have fun, and you can see the results on his Website at http://community.webtv.net/RZZZZZ/GLBEARDART.

When we asked him why he's been dormant for the past few years, he responded that "the '90s have been weird, man."

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