Undressed to Kill

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And that's just fine with Missy and Sean. The site is getting ready to branch out even further: Missy puts out the book in April. There is talk of developing a reality-TV show involving some SuicideGirls. They've recently joined forces with Playboy, creating a "SuicideGirl of the Week" feature on the Playboy website.

And the pitches from would-be SuicideGirls keep coming.

Transsexuals, drag queens, and actual porn stars have all tried to get into SGs virtual pants. "I get men all the time," Missy says. " Every guy who applies thinks that he is the first one to think of the clever idea of being the first boy on SuicideGirls, like we sit around going, 'There are all of these hot girls here just waiting for some guy to take turns shooting with them.' You would think the name of the site is a pretty big hint as to the gender of the models."

So where does all this leave the girls on the site? When SuicideGirls first started, models were paid $150 to $200. Now, the pay is slightly more but not enough to make a living. Missy and Sean won't say how much the site makes a year, but they're clearly not hurting. Sean concedes they've already made back the initial money they invested.

Back at the Standard that gorgeous Sunday afternoon, Nixion stands against the thin, white railing separating her from the tiny cars 20 floors down, posing for pictures with other SuicideGirls from L.A. in a baby-blue bikini top and green skirt, dancing to Prince, and grinning from ear to ear. Her trip to the City of Angels will end soon, though, and Boca awaits. The thought that she has to go back to Florida doesn't make Nixion happy. "I don't want to go home," she says later as she lies on her side in the waterbed, a sliver of sunlight falling across her golden locks. "It's not like I have many options in Boca, not like here. Maybe if I was old, I would think Boca rocked, but it doesn't."

But Nixion returns to Florida with a sense of accomplishment -- and a few new photo sets. "I definitely feel like I got something accomplished," she says. "Missy shot three new sets for me. I was never really completely satisfied with the pictures I take myself, since you can only get certain angles." She has an even stronger belief that what she's doing is right, she says.

"I'm not gonna stop doing it because of other people's thoughts on it," she says. "You'd have to pry me from the site with a nuclear bomb. I don't consider myself a feminist. I think feminists are more sex-negative than sexually positive. I can't say I've gotten much personal negative feedback from being on the site, which means what I'm doing couldn't possibly be that bad. Right? I love the expression on SuicideGirls. Always have, always will."

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