Unicorns at FAU: Students Fight Bad Press With Twitter

Man, you must be thinking, another day, another FAU story.

Yup, the Boca Raton campus just keeps cranking out a constant stream of newsworthy misadventures. As you probably know, the latest happened just this week. The Daily Caller, went so far as to call FAU "America's worst university" (to be fair, this came from the Daily Caller, America's worst media outlet, so go figure).

No doubt bleeding from the ears from all the bad press, FAU students are trying to push back. Robert Huffman, the student body president, posted a video online Wednesday asking students to Tweet out positive vibes on the school with the hashtag "#WEareFAU." You can't blame them for trying. Let's look at some of the results.

Pretty sure everyone can get behind this statement:

Again, another reasonable argument from a student:

We appreciate the honesty on this one:

Uh, yeah we kind of covered this turf already:

Listen, kid, we used to smoke that same stuff. Be careful. You'll regret those lost brain cells at 26, trust us:

Wise counterpoint:


Okay, let's cut down a little on the militant regionalism:

Oh damn, the beef is on:

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