United for Care Seeking Last-Minute Volunteers in Advance of Tomorrow's Medical Marijuana Vote

Tomorrow is the big day in the fight to legalize medical marijuana, and United for Care is calling for all hands on deck to help push the "Yes on 2" medical marijuana vote over the top. United for Care is asking any and all people willing to volunteer some of their time to come aboard. The campaign estimates that 400,000-plus patients would benefit from the passing of the proposed constitutional amendment that would legalize medical marijuana.

You can help out on this Day of Action by lending a helping hand with phone banking, a last-second effort to call people throughout the state and persaude them to get out and vote Yes on 2.

Polls show that the race is a dead heat, and every vote counts. The amendment needs to garner 60 percent of the tally to pass.

Both sides of the vote feel as if the results will be closer than they ever have been on the issue, so both are making a late push to tip the ballot box in their direction. Those opposed of the approval of medical marijuana seemed to sense defeat and are making a late push themselves.

"A billionaire just put another $500,000 against us -- because they know we're on the verge of victory. WE MUST FIGHT BACK!" Yes on 2 Campaign Manager Ben Pollara wrote in a mass email.

Pollara asks that if you are interested in joining the cause by helping out between now and tomorrow, you email the campaign at miguel@unitedforcare.org

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