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University of Miami Scandal: Conference Memo Asks for NCAA to Replace Mark Emmert

NCAA President Mark Emmert is not having such a hot week.

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First, there was state Sen. Joe Abruzzo sending the attorney general a letter to investigate the NCAA's shenanigans in its UM investigation.

Now comes a report of an internal memo circulating among presidents of colleges in the Mountain West Conference asking whether Emmert should be canned.

The memo, obtained by, is written specifically for Fresno State President and -- more important for the memo's purposes here -- Division I Board of Directors member John Welty, who previously served on the NCAA Executive Committee.

The memo calls Welty "our rep to the NCAA."

The Division I Board of Director is an 18-member body that holds a ton of power, such as signing off on the Penn State penalties and other university infractions.

Emmert, it turns out, has to answer to the executive committee and board of directors.

The memo comes hard after the NCAA leadership, particularly their over-the-top salaries and frivolous investigations -- like many feel is what has become of the UM/Shapiro scandal:

"Is it time for the presidents to seek new NCAA leadership or a new organization. The NCAA has evidenced decisions that focus on trivial and penalize our athletes. The salaries for the NCAA leadership are excessive and an embarrassment to the Mountain West schools. Their decision making is cumberson and oblique."

Emmert has come under heavy fire during the UM investigation, particularly his accusation of The U having a "lack of institutional control" in the face of the NCAA botching the investigation with inappropriate behavior.

When confronted with the accusations earlier this week, UM president Donna Shalala released a statement saying that the NCAA "has not lived up to their own core principles" and called them "unprofessional" and their behavior "unethical."

Now it seems someone in the Mountain West has joined in on the rumble and is demanding something be done about Emmert.

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