University of Miami To File Motion to Dismiss NCAA Case

It looks like the University of Miami has enough already with the NCAA's shenanigans and will be formally filing a motion to have the NCAA's case against them dismissed.

According to CBS.com, the motion will account for "recent revelations that the use of attorney Maria Elena Perez was beyond the scope of an external review commissioned by NCAA president Mark Emmert."

An NCAA investigator sought Perez to get info from Mario Sanchez, Shapiro's driver and bodyguard, the Miami Herald reported this week.

According CBSSports, the UM filing will be revealing new info about the NCAA's total train-wreck of an investigation -- things no has yet reported.

The website calls the filing "unprecedented."

Schools charged with major violations typically file their responses to allegations and appear before the NCAA infractions committee. Penalties, if any, are then handed out weeks or months later. However, "what the NCAA did was unprecedented," said a source with knowledge of the motion.

Earlier on Friday, the AP reported that the NCAA accused Miami officials of looking the other way when presented with evidence about Nevin Shapiro giving benefits to athletes. The report says the NCAA asked The U if they had hired a private investigator to look into Shapiro's business dealings.

But the U ain't care, and thus will file the the motion.

Whether or not we get to see what exactly the motion says remains a mystery.

The U of M is a private institution and not bound by federal guidelines regarding public release.

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