Unlicensed Dentist Injected Woman in Buttocks and Then Kissed It, According to Police

A good sign your dentist might not really be a dentist: when he has his office in an apartment complex.

Also, when he injects some weird paste into your mouth to relieve the pain.

Also, if he gives you an injection in your butt and says it's for the toothache.

And then kisses your butt.

These are all very good signs that your dentist might not really be a dentist.

That's what 47-year-old John Collazos is being accused of by a Hollywood woman who hired him to help fix a toothache for $65.

Also, a dentist who charges 65 bucks is a good sign he's not actually a dentist.

According to police, Collazos treated the woman in his apartment in the 2000 block of Fillmore Street on Monday night.

The unidentified woman told police that Collazos' Hollywood apartment looked like a dentist's office, complete with a waiting-room area and dental equipment.

Most people would call the "waiting room" a living room, but tomato, tomahto.

Collazos allegedly then injected an unidentified paste into the woman's mouth to alleviate the pain.

He also administered an injection into her buttocks, telling the woman it would relieve the toothache.

Apparently the woman didn't find anything strange about a dentist having his practice in an apartment complex and injecting something into her butt. 

But when he kissed her on the butt, that's when she finally realized things were a tad amiss.

According to the report, Dr. McCreepy kissed her ass after administering the injection.

The woman notified the police.

This is at least the third time Collazos has been accused. He was charged with practicing dental hygiene without a license back in 2010 and was arrested in September for practicing dentistry without a license in Davie.

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