Up In Smoke

The takes on Ricky Williams' fifth failed drug test from our Big Three daily newspapers:

Dave Hyde strikes a sickly sweet tone of pity. Greg Stoda is all business. And Greg Cote is as understanding as a merciful God.

I like Stoda's column, because it's got some things in it I didn't know and concerns itself with meaning rather than conjecture. Cote's piece makes what appears to be a big league assumption, namely that Ricky tested positive "because he meant to, at least subconsciously" to avoid playing football (I'm not saying he's wrong about that, just that it's unknowable). And Hyde's column, well it's a bit of a mess.

My take on Williams:

1. I wanted to see Ricky run this season, so it's a pisser to see this happen. 2. I wanted to hear Ricky talk this season, so it's a pisser to see this happen. 3. The blame falls on Ricky because the rules are the rules. 4. The rules suck. It's another reason to legalize marijuana, because then the NFL would let a dude that happens to be a pothead play himself some football.

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