The contraband seized by deputies
The contraband seized by deputies
Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office

Up in Smoke: Deputies Bust Semi Full of Pot

In a plot that might have been cooked up by Cheech and Chong, a Hialeah man and his uncle have been arrested for taking a road trip from Texas to South Florida in a semi truck packed with 230 pounds of hash. The drive ended just short of its goal, near Sample Road on the Florida Turnpike.

From the Broward Sheriff's Office release:

Inside the 53-foot Freightliner tractor trailer, detectives found 198 individually-wrapped packages of marijuana concealed in the ceiling. There was nothing else inside.

Authorities say that for Romiro and Enrique Rodriguez, marijuana was a gateway to moving more serious illicit drugs. Back to the release:

The arrests are part of a large-scale, ongoing investigation. Detectives believe the two are part of a larger group of drug runners who have been bringing cocaine, heroin and marijuana into South Florida for about 10 years.


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