UPDATED: After a Bondsman Gets Busted, a MySpace Page Full of Regrets

On his MySpace page, Manny Periu introduces himself as "Bondsman 4 Life, Manny Team OUTLAW." But that livelihood is in peril now that Manny's been declared an outlaw himself.

On Thursday, the bondsman was busted by Sunrise police on four counts of drug trafficking and charged on two separate counts of grand theft and fraud.

Before his arrest, Periu appears to have been an aspiring reality television star, in the fashion of Dog the Bounty Hunter. Photos and a music video of Periu after the jump.

Bail Money from James Young on Vimeo.

The gallery of Periu's MySpage page shows a host of recently collared bad guys with Periu and his partners posing next to them, like fishermen displaying their trophy catch.

Based on the charging documents, the 36-year-old Periu is accused of trafficking between 28 and 200 grams of cocaine.

Of course, Periu is innocent until proven guilty. We'll try to find more information about this case next week.

UPDATE: Periu has not responded to an email. Nor has he returned a phone message seeking comment. His ex-wife has declined to comment. Police reports for Sunrise and Plantation have not been processed yet and aren't available to the public.

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